Saturday, December 12, 2009

Opening Night!!!

Last night was Opening night for the Nutcracker!! We bought great seats right in the front right by the Orchestra!! It was so beautiful last night!! Everything went great and Natalie was so pretty up there with her red curls and angels wings! After, it was over we went down to the dressing rooms and gave Natalie a dozen hot pink roses, a snow globe with a angel ballerina that looked just like her and it played the Nutcracker Suite! I also bought her a Nutcracker production shirt with her name on the back with the rest of the cast and some signed pointe shoes signed by the Sugar plum fairy!! She was more than over joyed with all of it!! Now, I'm off to curl her hair again and do it all over again tonight!! Exciting stuff!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little Angels in The Nutcracker!

Well, as some may know my oldest daughter (7 years old) is in the Oklahoma Ballet's production of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker!! Tonight is dress rehearsal and tomorrow is opening night!!! She is a Little Angel in the second act!! We couldn't be prouder of her and she is so excited to part of it!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Sketch Site!!!

My dear friend Trisha has started a brand new sketch site!! Sketch Inspiration to be exact!! I'm super duper excited about this site!! It's going to be the next popular sketch website that everybody is talking about!! She will be posting a new sketch every week on Sunday and you can upload your interpretation of her sketch!! There is so many new faces on there already!! So, take a moment and stop by and sign up!! You won't regret it!! We are a bunch of crazy fun ladies!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dislocation,Buldging disc,and lots of M&M's

Strange title for a blog huh? LOL!! Well, that is how my week has been!! Dislocated hip for me and a bulging disc for my hubby! And lot's of M&M's to make everything right!! hehe!! The beginning of last week my hip decided to dislocate while I was cleaning the kitchen!! I was in great pain and couldn't get in to my doctor that day and had to suffer all night with it!!! But, after my visit with the doctor I was wishing I hadn't went!!! He had to relocate my hip and I think everybody heard me scream in the lobby!!! After, a tordol shot in the bum I was fit to be tied!! Then in the middle of the week Josh was hurting from a bulging disc in his back!! So, we are a great pair!! LOL!! But, we bought a big bag of M&M's to make things a little better!! lol!! But, I did get some LO's done!! I got this great scrapbook kit from Jujubee's and I love it!! Here are a few of my creations from it!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Time to be Thankful!!

Well, it's almost Thanksgiving time!! This year we are going out to eat at a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner. I know... it's not the traditonal thanksgiving way but my mother and I are tired of cooking for two days straight and then it takes everybody to eat in 10 mins!!! Plus, the other day I dislocated my hip and have been down with that for five days now!!! So, there is no way I can stand up in the kitchen and cook!! But, Christmas dinner will be different!! Our family tradition is that have ribs,potatoe salad,baked beans,rolls and cornbread. Then we make all kinds of different desserts. Well, for Scrapbook news!! Basic Grey accepted another LO of mine to be in their gallery!!! I also just got done helping with a online crop at!! I love it other there and all the great ladies over there!! I have really loved being on the design team over there!!! I'm sad that my term will be up in January!! :( But, also can't wait to see who will be the next guest designer!! Here are few of my LO's that I have done lately!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Exciting News!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!! It has been sooo long until I updated this blog!! Sorry guys!! But, I have really exciting news!!!! I'm so excited to announce that I will be the Guest Designer for the months of October,November and December @ Have your Way With Papers!!!! I'm so thrilled to do this!! It's my first time being a guest designer anywhere and I'm so glad that HYWWP is my first!! Everyone should check this forum out this month!! We have great Scrap Pink challenges and there is some incredible women over there. You won't be disappointed!! Oh I guess I should put the website on here... lol!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hear ye Hear ye!! Come join in on the fun and celebrate Simply Obessed's 2nd Birthday!!! In honor of their birthday I thought I would post some of my Birthday LO's I have done before!!! After you take a lookies, head on over to this blog:! I'm sure you won't be disappointed!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Captain Jack and Jamaican me Happy!!

So, I'm not much a "drinker". Well, actually I never drink... But, this last March me and my friend decided we would but some wine coolers and have girls night at home watching movies and eating junk food. Well, we didn't drink all of the "Jamaican Me Happy" wine coolers and it has been sitting in my frig this whole time. So, last night I was feeling a little wild and thought why not! So, I had me a "Jamaican Me Happy" ( can you tell I like saying that!) and did made a LO of my bothers and sisters dog named Captain Jack. Needless, to say I got a tiny buzz off the wine cooler because I'm such a light weight! hahah!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I've been a busy little scrapper!!

Whoa, have I been busy ya'll!!! I just joined Have your way with paper forum and I LOVE IT!!! There is a crop going on this weekend and I have been knocking out the LO's for it!! It's so nice to chat it up with such nice ladies over there!! I think I will knock another LO tonight and then I'm going to work on cards for heros!!! Here is the link ! Go take a look and make some cards for our heros!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Been gone for far to long!

Well, as you see I haven't posted a blog in awhile. But, I have really good excuses! ;) First, I was in Michigan for a month for vacation. It was nice to get away, but I think a month was too long to be away from my house! My wonderful parents watched over my house and watered my flowers while we were gone. Me and girls flew up to Michigan and Josh rented a minivan two weeks later and drove up. Oh did I mention we stayed the whole month at my in-laws newly renovated country cabin on the river!!! I was so nice to get up every morning and sit by the river and just meditate!! I know what you are thinking "A whole month with the in-laws!!!" But, my in-laws are great fun people and I'm very close with them. I was sad to leave them and drive the almost 15 hour trip back to Oklahoma but we needed to get back because my grandmother was very ill and my mother needed help taking care of her. So, the minute I walked into my house I was packing another bag to go spend a few nights at my grandma's house. There has been very little help because my Aunt J is in Arizona with my cousin Tony because him and wife just had a baby boy. My Aunt Sharon's boyfriend had just died from cancer that previous Saturday and was grieving and taking care of funeral arrangements. So, the caretaking was up to my mother and I. But, the good thing about the slow times around my grandma's house is the chance to scrapbook! I have been whipping them out lately since I have been back. I made four layouts and four cards from a kit I got from Scrap Shotz. These are the first cards I have ever made before. Here's a look at them and my recent LO's. I will post pics from vacation later.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dance! Dance!

Well, I'm still recovering from this Saturday's dance recital. Whew!! I culd never be a stage mother!! Natalie was in three different numbers in the recital. First, was hip hop and she rocked it!! I got all emotional when I saw her up there on the stage. Another reason why I think I cried was because she looked so grown up. It really put things in perspective for me and her, there is times I could ring her neck and then there are these times where all my hard work with her. She truly shined like a star up there on stage. My favorite number was her tap dance routine, she was dressed up like a little soilder and they danced to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B! Okay, I'm going to stop bragging and show you some pics!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh Boy, this is going to be a busy week!! Natalie has dance practice all this week, then on Saturday is her big dance recital!! I'm so excited to see all her hard work in motion!! I will be posting a ton of pics from it. Other plans this week include, signing up for the Summer reading program,visiting the Oklahoma History museum,taking the girls to see Night at the Museum 2, go paint pottery for Josh's birthday and I think that is it. I just bought a new chore chart today and girls really took to it! They love the fact that if they do their chores they get a star on their chart. I made it where if they get all their stars for the week I will do something special at the end of the week. They are so pumped about doing chores now!!!! lol! We will see how long this lasts!! Well, I'm off to bed because my busy week starts in the morning!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Okay, so I haven' t posted in awhile and I feel bad about this.... But, I guess what matters is that I'm back and can't wait to share some new details about what has been going on with me and my family!! Natty's last day of school was May 21st and we have been super busy ever since then with fun things. We took them to the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum on Thursday and today we saw Pixar's new 3D movie UP today. The museum was a blast and the girls really liked it and can't wait to go again. If you haven't been I recommend it. We even got to ride on a Segway!! Those are so much fun to ride around, the volunteer told us that we could buy one at Sam's for only $3000.00!!! LOL!! Only, he says!! The movie was very cute and had a great message in it, as must kids cartoons do. :) I haven't had the chance to scrapbook any these past few weeks because of trying to entertain the kids and having a double inner ear infection. The doctors told me that I have had this double ear infection for about three weeks!! I had no idea I had one, besides that the back of my head hurt real bad and that I have been extremely dizzy. I thought it was due to my Still's disease and I just ignored it until I couldn't anymore and broke down and went to the doctor. Some good news I joined back up with Weight Watchers again!! I really need to lose 50 pounds and I like the way weight watchers does things. I need to the peer pressure from the meetings. It's the only thing that has helped before, when I gained weight. I seem to always gain a ton when the semester starts and I start stressing out with my school work. I turn to food as a comfort and then next thing I know I have gained 30 pounds. But, what can I say... I'm a southern girl who likes her southern comfort food way to much!! Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading the latest blog Jill!! lol!! Thanks for following!! Spread the word! I leave you with some pics from Chuckie Cheese and from the Arts Festival.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Okay, here this goes! My first blog posting!!! Awwww it's kind of scary and exciting at the same time! Well, let's see where do I start.... hmmm... Well, I love to scrapbook and it keeps me sane during those rough hectic days with the kiddos. Speaking of my kiddos, I have a seven year old daughter named Natalie and a three year old daughter named Avery. Both are my sunshine in my day and I love hanging out with them. They crack me up and keep me humble..... lol! I just started homeschooling my three old and she seems to love it. The reasons why I chose to home school her is because she turns 4 on September 9th and the cut off date for ages is 4 before September 1 for preschoolers. So, that would make her five when she went to pre-K. I chose Calvert curriculum and I love it because it is the same curriculum that I used when I was homeschooled. Natalie is a big first grader and she loves school as well. She is my drama queen, she is in ballet, hip-hop and tap dancing. She also is a swimmer for the local YMCA. Now, she wants to get into learning how to play the guitar!!! Don't get me wrong I love that she wants to be so active but there is so much money as well! lol! Oh and she loves to take the local art classes that are held during school breaks. We will see how much guitar lessons are.....