Friday, May 29, 2009

Okay, so I haven' t posted in awhile and I feel bad about this.... But, I guess what matters is that I'm back and can't wait to share some new details about what has been going on with me and my family!! Natty's last day of school was May 21st and we have been super busy ever since then with fun things. We took them to the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum on Thursday and today we saw Pixar's new 3D movie UP today. The museum was a blast and the girls really liked it and can't wait to go again. If you haven't been I recommend it. We even got to ride on a Segway!! Those are so much fun to ride around, the volunteer told us that we could buy one at Sam's for only $3000.00!!! LOL!! Only, he says!! The movie was very cute and had a great message in it, as must kids cartoons do. :) I haven't had the chance to scrapbook any these past few weeks because of trying to entertain the kids and having a double inner ear infection. The doctors told me that I have had this double ear infection for about three weeks!! I had no idea I had one, besides that the back of my head hurt real bad and that I have been extremely dizzy. I thought it was due to my Still's disease and I just ignored it until I couldn't anymore and broke down and went to the doctor. Some good news I joined back up with Weight Watchers again!! I really need to lose 50 pounds and I like the way weight watchers does things. I need to the peer pressure from the meetings. It's the only thing that has helped before, when I gained weight. I seem to always gain a ton when the semester starts and I start stressing out with my school work. I turn to food as a comfort and then next thing I know I have gained 30 pounds. But, what can I say... I'm a southern girl who likes her southern comfort food way to much!! Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading the latest blog Jill!! lol!! Thanks for following!! Spread the word! I leave you with some pics from Chuckie Cheese and from the Arts Festival.

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  1. i love your cute pics!! looks like you guys had fun! where is the childrens museum?? It sounds like it would be fun!! im so glad you got to see the movie up, im glad you liked it, it looks really cute! I wish i could take alex to it, but i just know he wouldnt be able to sit in a movie theater without talking the whole time and throwing a fit or two!
    thats cool youre joining weight watchers, my sister used to be in it and it helped her a lot when she was in it! I like it too, the special foods they make are pretty good, hehe.
    youre so welcome for the following, thank you for following MY blog and the paper crown blog too! :)