Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Okay, here this goes! My first blog posting!!! Awwww it's kind of scary and exciting at the same time! Well, let's see where do I start.... hmmm... Well, I love to scrapbook and it keeps me sane during those rough hectic days with the kiddos. Speaking of my kiddos, I have a seven year old daughter named Natalie and a three year old daughter named Avery. Both are my sunshine in my day and I love hanging out with them. They crack me up and keep me humble..... lol! I just started homeschooling my three old and she seems to love it. The reasons why I chose to home school her is because she turns 4 on September 9th and the cut off date for ages is 4 before September 1 for preschoolers. So, that would make her five when she went to pre-K. I chose Calvert curriculum and I love it because it is the same curriculum that I used when I was homeschooled. Natalie is a big first grader and she loves school as well. She is my drama queen, she is in ballet, hip-hop and tap dancing. She also is a swimmer for the local YMCA. Now, she wants to get into learning how to play the guitar!!! Don't get me wrong I love that she wants to be so active but there is so much money as well! lol! Oh and she loves to take the local art classes that are held during school breaks. We will see how much guitar lessons are.....


  1. hey! im glad you started a blog!! Your kids sound awesome, your oldest sounds like shes into everything i was when i was little!!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you read my blog!! I love reading yours. Mine is nothing compared to your though. I'm still learning all about this world of blogging. :)