Saturday, July 31, 2010


I am glad to announce that I am now on the Better Living Through Scrapbooking Design Team!! There will be a new challenge every Sunday and some really really great prizes!!! For our first challenge we had to "Scrapbook your Scrapbooking"!! This challenge was soooo much fun!! Here is my reveal for the challenge!!
You have to check out the rest of design teams reveal!! It's AMAZING!!! You can find it here: Better Living Through Scrapbooking

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Julia Sava from Dragonflies and Daisies has her AMAZING and I mean AMAZING kits 43% off right now!!! This is such a GREAT deal!!! Her kits are JAMMED PACKED full of goodies!!! This sale is a CRAZY GOOD DEAL!!! I just bought some of the kits and the funny thing is that I bought them awhile and back and used them all up and want them again!!! They are that amazing!! Go check it out!!! You will NOT disappointed!!! Believe me!! You aren't going to find a deal like this around anywhere!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Trisha, from Sketch Inspiration needs your help!! From now to August 1st, you have chance to INSPIRE her and win a prize!! All you have to do is create a NEW, non-sketch related,unscraplifted layout (of any size) and EMAIL it for her consideration!! She will then choose a couple of projects that inspire her to create a sketch based on the design of their layout and they will receive a very nice prize in the mail!!! :)

-A limit of 3 entries per person please.

-Everyone regardless of their location is encouraged to play!!

-Please do not upload to the Sketch Inspiration gallery!! The Gallery is strictly for sketch related projects.
-This challenge is based on strictly design...not what products you use.
-Please email submissions to
-Winners will be announced the first week of August!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sketch 134 is up and live at Sketch Inspiration!! You won't believe the AMAZING kit that ScrapAttack is giving away this week!! Head on over there and enter your Layout for sketch 134 to be in the running for that AWESOME prize!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sore THUMB!!

Last night as I was scrapbooking for the HYWWP housewarming crop, I decided that I would hand stitch on my layout for one of the challenges. I wanted it to look like machine stitch but be by hand!! Reason being because I can not figure out my sewing machine and two I'm too lazy to drag my sewing machine out!! So, I sat there for THREE hours stitching away!! I didn't have a thimble and in return really tore my thumb up!! It is now purple and very sore!! Never again will I get so ambitious with my techniques!! LOL!! I think it was all worth it though??

Oh and don't forget to stop by Better Living Through Scrapbooking and leave a comment to win an awesome prize of Teresa Collins goodies!! To get even more chances to win become a follower of the blog!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


There is a HUGE Crop going on at Have your way with Paper right now!! It's going to be LOTS of fun and prizes!! I'll see you there!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coming out of my hole!!!

My girls have been in Michigan for almost two weeks now and I miss them terribly!! I haven't done what I thought I would while they have been gone either!! All I have done is eat at a lot places that I know they wouldn't eat at and take really long naps!! Just until two days ago I have finally came out of my depression and got some things done!! I started going through all my scrapbook stuff for the garage sale and I think I will be done sorting it today!! I need to clean the house up and get the girls room all organized and clean as well before Friday!! Avery sure has proven all of us wrong this trip!! We thought for sure she would get homesick after two days!! NOPE!! She hasn't even wanted to talk to us on the phone!! She said "Mom I don't want to waste my time talking on the phone here! I could be doing something fun!!" As she jumps in her barbie jeep and drives away!! :( Little punk!! lol!! It's been Natalie that has gotten homesick!! She is our little creature of habit!! She loves her schedule and knowing what to do everyday, she isn't one for spontaneous trips or happenings. Plus, she misses her ballet and jazz classes!! Hopefully, when they get back on Friday they will let my mother in law sit in and watch them practice!! She has never been able to see Natalie perform or practice her dance! Other than be a slug all week I did however get another LO done!! I used Liz Qualman's sketch and my goodies from The ScrapRoom July Kit!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Today will be better, Oh YES!! Today will be better!!!

Ok, I had the worst day ever (so far) yesterday!! It all started really the night before last..... My dad calls me and asks if I could go check on my maw-maw (grandma). It was around 9 p.m. and she wasn't answering her phone. Which is very odd because she is either in bed or up to answer the phone. She doesn't drive after dark, she shouldn't be driving while its light out either in my opinion. But, that's for another time to discuss... lol! So, I go over there and her car is in the garage. Now, for some reason she has always left the garage door half way up!! I can only assume to left the hot air out??? So, after ringing the door bell a half of dozen times I decide to crawl underneath the garage door with my big butt and Arthritic body!! In the process I smash my right knee against the ground and caught myself with my wrist and hurt it too. I finally get in the garage and peer into the house through the garage door and the house is pitch black!!! So, I crawl back out and go around the back and start hollering for her. Nothing!! I look down in her storm shelter, Nada! So, I decide to call my dad because I know he has a key to the house.... As I'm dialing I look over at the neighbors house!! Guess Who's partying it up with the neighbors!!! Yeah!! Yeah!! Sipping on margaritas, playing cards and listening to really loud country music!! I felt like I had caught one of my kids having a party. So, I march over there and tell her that we all thought she was dead and rotting in the house and next time she decides to party it up with the neighbors after 9 p.m. let someone know. I couldn't but giggle when I left though. I wasn't that mad!! Just needed to represent the whole family and make it clear we were about the break into her house. Okay, so back to my "Black cloud" Sunday!! I wake up to another phone from my dad! This time he says he has taken my mother to the ER!! Now, my mother doesn't complain at ALL!! SO, when she told my dad she needed to go to the ER, we knew something wasn't right. Her blood sugar was all messed up and she said she was all achy. She is a Diabetic and takes really good care of herself since she found she was diabetic. They checked her out and decided that she might of had a heart attack. They want to keep her overnight for observation. So, they hook her up with a beautiful heart monitor and even lovelier gown! lol! So, I go home after she is all settled in her room.... oh I forgot to mention that when I got my knee was the size of a grapefruit and I couldn't bend my wrist forward or back! YAY!!! After, I got home I wet back to bed because I have been super dizzy and laying down seems to be the only thing that helps! So, after a 4 hour nap I get up and get some things done and knock out a scrapbook page. I get up to pull the blinds down and the darn thing falls down and smacks me in the head!! And these aren't those cheapo blinds either!! They are heavy shutter like blinds!! So, I gather them up and try to put them back up and I snap my pinkie finger in the locking mechanism!!!! I mean really SNAP my pinkie in there!! It cut my pinkie open and everything!! I just sat down after all that and cried!! And asked God why he hated me that day!! LOL!!! Ok, so enough of my belly aching!! On a lighter note!!! I found an awesome new scrapbook site that is awesome!! It's called Better Living through Scrapbooking!! It's brand new and on August 1st, they should have their first challenge up!! Can't wait!!! Oh and Sketch 132 is up and live at Sketch Inspiration and our sponsor this week is Simply Obsessed!!! I just love their awesome kits!! Heather does an awesome job picking out the cutest and latest products for her kits!! Here is my take on Sketch 132 and two other lo's I finish awhile back. Oh and I used my goodies from Trisha's July kit for Sketch 132!! Love that colors in that kit!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summertime,Surgeries and STUFF!!

Well, once again I can't believe I have neglected my blog for another month!! Time flies soooo fast!! Where to start........ the past month has been very busy!! My father had a few surgeries this month that were pretty scary at times. One of which was so scary I couldn't go to my Chicago trip with my Paper girls! I was very sad I couldn't go, but family comes first! After, all that my girls left me for Michigan for two weeks with my in-laws!! This is the first time they have EVER been away from me this long!! I balled like a baby when they boarded the plane!! Everybody thinks I should be all happy and having a hay day without them but I don't know what to do with myself!! It's so weird without them!!! Yes, they get on my last nerve sometimes and yes I would like to foster them out to family when they aren't acting right. LOL! But, that take away the fact that I love the little monsters more than life itself! Today they have been gone for almost a week and I'm just now getting in a swing of doing things without them. All week I have been running errands for me and my parents. Today, I will SCRAP!! Like really SCRAP!! Scrap in quiet!! Well, not complete quiet I have my Pandora Radio and my Ishuffle on. But, you get the drift right! lol! And to put a cherry on top of my scrapbook sundae, I think that two of my scrapbook kits will arrive today!! I just got my The ScrapRoom July Kit yesterday!! And I have to say it is the best kit ever!! It has Pebbles Inc,October Afternoon,The Girls Paperie and more!! Speaking of kits!! My very good friend Trisha is selling her July Kit over at her blog TX Paper Doll!! It is only $25.00, that is including shipping!!! AMAZING!!! I have been on a buying frenzy lately for scrapbook supplies that I need to get rid of A LOT of "Stuff" to make room for the new "Stuff". So, I signed up for Trade Days at the LSS and I can sell my "Stuff" there!! So, I'm very excited about going through my things and pricing it and getting it ready for the sale. Whatever I don't sell I'm thinking I will bundle it all up and offer it on here for grabs! But, my hope is that I get rid of most of it at the sell!! Fingers Crossed!! Well, I finally got time to scrap a few layouts from Natalie's Annual Performance!! I used an old Simply Obsessed kit and it was the perfect color combo for my pictures!! I think I hear my scrapbook supplies calling my name!! Yep, I do!!!