Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sick!!! Sick!!SICK!!!!

I have been sick for six weeks straight now!! And frankly I'm really sick of being sick!! First it was a kidney infection, then pneumonia and still an kidney infection,then I thought I got rid of the dang pneumonia....but NOOOOooooo!! Still had it!! Then I started to feel really bad except this time it was all in my head!! Went back to the Doctor and now I have an upper Respiratory infection and Pneumonia. He wanted to put me in the hospital but I refused!! I don't see how you get any sleep in the hospital. With all the nurses talking and coming in all hours of the night!! I know I could get better rest and sleep here. But, shhhhhhh! Don't tell my mother!! She will personally take me to the hospital if she finds out how sick I really am. ;) It's so frustrating being sick for this long!! I have so many things I want to do!! Like, scrapbook, clean, organize things, take the girls to some outings we have had planned for awhile. UGHHHH!! I made myself get up,shower and actually dry and style my hair today. I even went out into the real world to Target!!! But, afterwards I felt like grade A Poo!! I guess I did too much!!! GEEZ!! But, Lucy our Basset Hound loved me for getting out to Target today!! I bought her a brand new water dispensing bowl and place mat for her food bowl and water bowl!! Plus, some bacon and cheese strips treats for her. So, she is pleasantly pleased at the moment. Speaking of Lucy!! She got her yearly shots yesterday morning and when she and the hubbs got home she cuddled up with me in bed. But, I was so tired and out of it that I didn't even notice a 50 pound Basset hound laying across my chest for over two hours!! She is such a baby!! She wanted to be as close as possible to me after her traumatic visit to the vet!! LOL!! Thank god I can't smell right now!! She is a great snuggle bug but boy she can stink it up with her doggy farts!! So, that has been my last few days of woe! lol!! Hopefully, I will be back with some scrapbook projects and some news of good health!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Days 2, 3 and 4 of Organzing!!

So, I was a few days behind in my "21 days to getting organized challenge" at A bowl full of Lemons!! Day 2 was to clean you desk, well since I personally don't have a desk I decided to clean out the cubbie hole in our hallway!! It's a catch all for the girls junk and towels for some reason!! So, here is my before pic of the cubbie:

How embarrassing is that!! UGH!!! I guess I kept ignoring it when I walked past it everyday!! Can you say denial!! But, after getting over my denial I got it all cleaned out and sprayed it down with wood cleaner!! And Viola!!

Now on to Day 3!!! Clean out that Tupperware Cabinet!! So, I cleaned out my Tupperware and organized it all and then cleaned out the casserole cabinet as well!!

Before Pics:

And After:

Day 4: Linen Closet!!
WOW!! This is a black hole for sheets!! After I cleaned all this out I realized that my girls have 18 sheet sets!!! And I have 2!!!!! I think it's time to stop impulse buying cute sheet sets for the girls!!

Before Pic:

After Pic: Oh and I finally have room for our bath towels!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My New Best Friend!!!

I finally used my Neti-Pot yesterday and now I'm addicted!! Seriously, I don't think I have ever been able to really breathe this well!! LOVE IT!!!! Just had to share it with you!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1: Completed!!!

So, I took a before pic oh my junk drawer with Natalie's new camera but for some reason her memory card isn't working with my laptop? So, here is my after pic of my Day 1 challenge on the A bowl full of lemons 21 days to getting more Organized!!
I really wish my junk drawer was a pretty new drawer from IKEA!! But, one thing at a time!! We are saving money to get our bathroom completely remodeled. Well, since I got Day 1 done I can't wait to get Day 2 done!!

My attempt to keep true to my resolutions!!

I love New Years Resolutions!! It's a way to wipe the previous year clean and start over!! Well, I am going to start working on my resolutions with this awesome blog called "A bowl full of lemons"!! I'm a few days behind due to illness and stupid falling accidents!! But, you can start anytime you want!! The First day you have to clean out your junk drawer!!! So, I'm off to take a before pic of my junk drawer and get to working on getting it all cleaned and organized!! Wish me luck!! It's a scary place!! EEKK!!! I'll be back with my before and after pics to show my progress!! e

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Desire to Scrap but don't have the energy to!

I so badly want to scrap but I have been sick for over a week and now the whole family is sick!! Then on top of all the coughing,snot and sore throats I fell down the stairs to our laundry room!! Now, my back is all bruised and sore! I also hurt my right wrist trying to break my fall! Ugh!! So, my plans for scrapbooking have been put on the back burner until I feel better. Which I hope is sooner rather than later!! Until then I will be drooling over everybody Else's wonderful layouts!! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!! Here are my resolutions for 2011!!

1. Lose weight!!

2. Go to the gym at least two to three times a week

3. To watch my mouth (cussing) It's my dirty little secret!! Shhhhh!! Don't tell anybody!!

4. To make more layouts!!

5. To be more organized!!