Monday, June 8, 2009

Dance! Dance!

Well, I'm still recovering from this Saturday's dance recital. Whew!! I culd never be a stage mother!! Natalie was in three different numbers in the recital. First, was hip hop and she rocked it!! I got all emotional when I saw her up there on the stage. Another reason why I think I cried was because she looked so grown up. It really put things in perspective for me and her, there is times I could ring her neck and then there are these times where all my hard work with her. She truly shined like a star up there on stage. My favorite number was her tap dance routine, she was dressed up like a little soilder and they danced to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B! Okay, I'm going to stop bragging and show you some pics!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh Boy, this is going to be a busy week!! Natalie has dance practice all this week, then on Saturday is her big dance recital!! I'm so excited to see all her hard work in motion!! I will be posting a ton of pics from it. Other plans this week include, signing up for the Summer reading program,visiting the Oklahoma History museum,taking the girls to see Night at the Museum 2, go paint pottery for Josh's birthday and I think that is it. I just bought a new chore chart today and girls really took to it! They love the fact that if they do their chores they get a star on their chart. I made it where if they get all their stars for the week I will do something special at the end of the week. They are so pumped about doing chores now!!!! lol! We will see how long this lasts!! Well, I'm off to bed because my busy week starts in the morning!!