Thursday, July 30, 2009

Been gone for far to long!

Well, as you see I haven't posted a blog in awhile. But, I have really good excuses! ;) First, I was in Michigan for a month for vacation. It was nice to get away, but I think a month was too long to be away from my house! My wonderful parents watched over my house and watered my flowers while we were gone. Me and girls flew up to Michigan and Josh rented a minivan two weeks later and drove up. Oh did I mention we stayed the whole month at my in-laws newly renovated country cabin on the river!!! I was so nice to get up every morning and sit by the river and just meditate!! I know what you are thinking "A whole month with the in-laws!!!" But, my in-laws are great fun people and I'm very close with them. I was sad to leave them and drive the almost 15 hour trip back to Oklahoma but we needed to get back because my grandmother was very ill and my mother needed help taking care of her. So, the minute I walked into my house I was packing another bag to go spend a few nights at my grandma's house. There has been very little help because my Aunt J is in Arizona with my cousin Tony because him and wife just had a baby boy. My Aunt Sharon's boyfriend had just died from cancer that previous Saturday and was grieving and taking care of funeral arrangements. So, the caretaking was up to my mother and I. But, the good thing about the slow times around my grandma's house is the chance to scrapbook! I have been whipping them out lately since I have been back. I made four layouts and four cards from a kit I got from Scrap Shotz. These are the first cards I have ever made before. Here's a look at them and my recent LO's. I will post pics from vacation later.

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  1. Sounds like you had a agreat time - LOVE those cards. Don't forget to stop back by my blog or email me your address for winning the blog hop!