Friday, July 9, 2010

Summertime,Surgeries and STUFF!!

Well, once again I can't believe I have neglected my blog for another month!! Time flies soooo fast!! Where to start........ the past month has been very busy!! My father had a few surgeries this month that were pretty scary at times. One of which was so scary I couldn't go to my Chicago trip with my Paper girls! I was very sad I couldn't go, but family comes first! After, all that my girls left me for Michigan for two weeks with my in-laws!! This is the first time they have EVER been away from me this long!! I balled like a baby when they boarded the plane!! Everybody thinks I should be all happy and having a hay day without them but I don't know what to do with myself!! It's so weird without them!!! Yes, they get on my last nerve sometimes and yes I would like to foster them out to family when they aren't acting right. LOL! But, that take away the fact that I love the little monsters more than life itself! Today they have been gone for almost a week and I'm just now getting in a swing of doing things without them. All week I have been running errands for me and my parents. Today, I will SCRAP!! Like really SCRAP!! Scrap in quiet!! Well, not complete quiet I have my Pandora Radio and my Ishuffle on. But, you get the drift right! lol! And to put a cherry on top of my scrapbook sundae, I think that two of my scrapbook kits will arrive today!! I just got my The ScrapRoom July Kit yesterday!! And I have to say it is the best kit ever!! It has Pebbles Inc,October Afternoon,The Girls Paperie and more!! Speaking of kits!! My very good friend Trisha is selling her July Kit over at her blog TX Paper Doll!! It is only $25.00, that is including shipping!!! AMAZING!!! I have been on a buying frenzy lately for scrapbook supplies that I need to get rid of A LOT of "Stuff" to make room for the new "Stuff". So, I signed up for Trade Days at the LSS and I can sell my "Stuff" there!! So, I'm very excited about going through my things and pricing it and getting it ready for the sale. Whatever I don't sell I'm thinking I will bundle it all up and offer it on here for grabs! But, my hope is that I get rid of most of it at the sell!! Fingers Crossed!! Well, I finally got time to scrap a few layouts from Natalie's Annual Performance!! I used an old Simply Obsessed kit and it was the perfect color combo for my pictures!! I think I hear my scrapbook supplies calling my name!! Yep, I do!!!

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