Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Such a Proud Momma!!!!

Now, I know all mothers out there know that their child is the best!!! But, I have to say my oldest girl is the best little ballerina I have ever seen!!!

Natalie had her annual ballet performance this past Thursday!! We were so blown away by her performance that her father and I were in tears!! Josh, couldn't stop talking about how good she was!! I knew she was good because I'm the one that takes her to every practice and rehearsals. But, poor Josh never gets the chance to watch her until nights like that because he works so much to keep her in such a great ballet school! We went out to eat afterwards and we had total strangers coming up to us telling Natalie was so good and one man even said he couldn't wait for to grow up and become one of the company dancers so he could watch her all the time in ballets!

I usually feel so bad bragging so much about our girls, but this time I could scream it off the mountain tops!! Then to put the cherry on top of our excitement Natalie received a letter from the ballet school stating they will be moving her up a division!!!! Which is bittersweet in a way, so happy for her, sad for our pocketbook!! Division 2 means more money!! Eek! But, we will make do, always do.... :) I feel a lot of ballet scrapbook pages coming on!!

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  1. aww you totally have the right to brag about your girls! that is so awesome that she's such an amazing dancer, what a talented girl! So sweet that josh was in tears, you guys should be so proud! :) beautiful photos of her!!