Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring has Sprung.... finally!!

I have once again neglected my blog!! Sorry! I have been spring cleaning around here like a crazy woman! It feels so good to purge this house of all the clutter! It helps the whole family keep organized and cuts the hectic mornings down also!! It has been a very cold spring around her in Oklahoma! Or I should say a weird spring.... one week it will be in the 70-80 degrees and then the next rainy and in the 40-50 degrees! Oh and WINDY!!! They really mean it in the song "Oklahoma" and the wind comes sweeping down the plains!! I think Spring is my second favorite season, Fall being my No. 1 favorite!!
Here is a list of things I DO love about Spring!
1. The kids can go outside and play all day if they want!
2. I get more scrapbook time in because the kids are outside playing! hehe!
3. The beautiful flowers blooming everywhere!
4.That I can turn off the dreaded heat and open the windows!!
5. Beautiful Spring Scrapbook papers!!!

Here are some Springy Layouts I have done so far:

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